Worthwhile by Elementalv

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Title: Worthwhile
Pairing/Characters: Ray Vecchio/Benton Fraser
Warnings: None, other than the verbal abuse of an elf costume
Vidder's/Author's/Artist's Notes: I really hope you like this.






"Damn it, Benny, where the hell are you?"

"Here I am!"

Ray turned around -- and boggled. There was no other word for what he was seeing, and right now, he really wished he had one, because boggled didn't begin to cover it. "What? What are you supposed to be?"

"Father Christmas!"

"In that get-up? Get outta here."

"Ray --"

"No. Absolutely not. I'm serious. Get outta here. You'll scare the kids looking like that."

"But --"

"Do you, or do you not remember what Santa Claus looks like?" Times like this, Ray wished he smoked. And drank a lot more than he usually did, because he could really use the help right now. Damn it.

Benny's face fell a little in response to Ray's determination, which made Ray feel like shit. On the other hand, he didn't feel as bad as he would if he let Benny wander around looking like -- like --

"Seriously, what the hell were you thinking when you put together that outfit?"

"The history of Father Christmas isn't restricted to America and the marketing department of Coca Cola," he said, kind of stiff-like. "There are many variations of the story, and --"

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Around here, we stick with the red suit and white beard," Ray said. And if he sounded a little testy, who could blame him? Those goddamn elf tights itched like a son of a bitch, and there was no way in hell he was gonna let Benny get out of wearing the tried and true. Not if Ray looked like an idiot, so -- "Put on what I gave you."

"Ray --"

"I mean it." Benny started to get his back up, which was the last goddamn thing Ray needed -- or wanted -- so he took a step forward and put his hand on Benny's arm, squeezed it nice and gentle. "Come on. It's for the kids. They're expecting a guy with a white beard wearing a red suit. You don't wanna disappoint them, do you?"

"Well. No. But --"

"I promise I'll make it worth your while," he said.

"As I recall, you've already promised me that once -- when you convinced me to help out this evening."

"Yeah, I did, didn't I?" Ray said with a smile. "Tell you what -- I'll make it worth your while a couple of times. That sound good?"

"Well --"


If Ray had his way, he'd be making lots of things worth Benny's while, because seriously, the guy was pretty much made for it, even if he didn't exactly agree. No matter. At the moment, Benny was pinned against the inside of his door, and Ray was doing the pinning, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with that in Ray's world. Not a damn thing, especially with Benny making those moaning noises like he was gonna die or something. Christ. Ray hadn't even gotten his hand inside Benny's jeans yet, and he already sounded like he was gonna blow any minute.

That was enough to convince Ray to drop to his knees in nothing flat, because honestly, it wouldn't be the first time Benny had gone off before Ray even had a chance to get a taste in. Wasn't a big deal, because the guy was usually ready to go in nothing flat, but Ray liked the taste of Benny fresh out of his pants, whichever pants they might be, and Jesus -- Ray got a good long whiff of Benny, and the musk nearly made Ray come in his pants. He wrapped his lips around the head of Benny's dick and waited for --

"Christ, Ray!"

Oh yeah. Nothing better than getting the Mountie to swear like that. Ray kept a little tally in his head to track the number of times it happened. He could always get there with sex, so it wasn't much of a challenge, but it was impossible any other time, so Ray took what he could get. He swallowed Benny down until his dick hit the back of his throat and got --


Ray groaned in response and had to clamp down tight on his own dick, just to be sure he didn't end too soon, because unlike Benny, Ray was only good for a second round after a couple, three hours passed by. He kind of hated that, but hell, not everyone could be Benton Fraser, RCMP, and honestly, Ray didn't want to be. The uniform itched even worse than those goddamn elf tights.

He sucked Benny down again, and while he was doing that, he shoved Benny's jeans down, down, down to the floor and managed to get organized enough to get Benny's shoes, jeans and underwear off completely. It was almost enough of a miracle to get Ray wondering if maybe he had some outside help with it, but then he lost track of that thought when Benny grabbed his hand and shoved a finger into Ray's mouth. Ray, not being stupid no matter what Frannie thought, got not one, but two fingers wet, then nudged his hand between Benny's legs.

Benny started moaning even louder, and Ray spared a thought for the neighbors, but it wasn't enough to make him stop circling around Benny's hole and nudging first one, then two fingers up into that tight heat. Right on schedule, Benny bucked his hips, and Ray was ready, swallowing just as Benny's dick hit the back of his throat.

And bingo! he thought, We have a winner!!!

Benny came the way he usually did, with lots of moans followed by a bunch of French he never bothered explaining to Ray, even on pain of whatever embarrassment Ray could think to dish out (and he could usually think of pretty good stuff, but Benny never budged). Didn't matter, though, because Ray got his first treat, and as soon as he could get Benny over to the bed, he'd be getting his second treat.

Ray rested his head against Benny's hip for a minute, catching his breath, because some things should never be rushed, but somehow, giving Benny a blow job never managed to end up on that list. Didn't matter. One of these days, it would, and when it did, Ray would spend a couple of hours giving Benny the longest, dirtiest blow job he could think of. Hell, he might even stick his tongue where no Vecchio tongue had ever gone before.

Or maybe not. But he could stick his tongue plenty of other places, and there was nothing wrong with that.

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The first part was very cute. And the second part was very yummy. Thank you!

Anonymous said:

"The history of Father Christmas isn't restricted to America and the marketing department of Coca Cola,"
Touche, Fraser ;)

I would give good money to see them dressed up as Santa and Elf. Very cute story!

*kicks at archive* It just ate my comment. Which will probably show up later...*sigh*

Anyway, this was very enjoyable and sweet. Well done, Mystery Author. \o/

omens Author Profile Page said:

Those goddamn elf tights itched like a son of a bitch, is where I lost it. Bahahaha LOVE. That was some super hot sexytimes, and I love your Vecchio voice. He's my favourite grouch. :D

snoopypez said:

I approve greatly of this. :D

"Do you, or do you not remember what Santa Claus looks like?" Times like this, Ray wished he smoked. And drank a lot more than he usually did, because he could really use the help right now.

HEE. Very Vecchio. And really, so Fraser to wear something other than the red suit and white beard. I like Ray's method of persuasion. Very persuasive. :) Cute story, and I add my voice to those wishing for the visuals.

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