First Meeting by Mizface

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Title: First Meeting
For: Jay S
Pairing/Characters: Dief, RayK, Turtle
Warnings: none
Vidder's/Author's/Artist's Notes:
  When I saw the requst for RayK and Dief art, this immediately came into my head.  I have to thank a co-worker for posing so I could get the arm and hand just so.  This was a fun challenge to create - thank you!

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This is lovely, mystery artist. I love the details - Ray's hands, the scutes on Turtle, Dief's Dief-y ears!

agent162 Author Profile Page said:

Thank you, aka!! And I think you picked my favorite bits of this piece to coment on *smish*

Jay S said:

Oh I adore this, thank you so much! I keep trying to pinpoint what it is I love most about it, but it all ends up this incoherent flail of 'Ray! Turtle! Dief! Ray's hands! Dief's facial expression!'

I love it! Thank you so much santa!

agent162 Author Profile Page said:

I am soooooooooo glad you liked this!! You have no idea how much I fretted over it. And you flailed over my favorite bits of the drawing, so yay!

Thank YOU for the cool prompt!

wihluta said:

This is lovely!

I adore Dief's suspicious eye and the smiley Turtle face. :D

agent162 Author Profile Page said:

Thank you so much! While in my own experience, turtles are more... grumpy than friendly, I liked the idea of a happy turtle. Plus, he may just be smiling because he's got Dief all concerned!

Lucifuge5 said:

This is total WIN! I truly don't know what I've squeed harder for: Turtle's smiley face, RayK's bracelet or Dief's very alert ear. :)

agent162 Author Profile Page said:

Thanks so much, Luci! And I love all those things too - the expressions Dief and Turtle have were especially fun to draw.

Linden Author Profile Page said:

Awwwwwww :D I love the different expressions on their faces - each thinking their own things about this meeting :)

agent162 Author Profile Page said:

Thank you! Very glad you enjoyed it!

Turtle meeting Dief! Cute!

agent162 Author Profile Page said:

Thank you!!

Mal Author Profile Page said:

Jay S is very lucky, indeed! This is just marvelous! I'm especially impressed with Dief. You have perfectly captured the expression and body language for a dog (excuse me: wolf) is simultaneously curious and wary, wanting to lean forward and have a good sniff and at the same time the neck is pulling his head back and away -- and his eyes! He and Turtle both have such wonderful WTF eyes! :-D

agent162 Author Profile Page said:

Thank you so very much! I don't draw animals all that often, so the comments on Dief are especially lovely to read. Luckily, I had great source material.

Anonymous said:

I love this! Dief is DUBIOUS.

agent162 Author Profile Page said:

Thank you! And yes, Dief is definitely wary.

Awwww. That is the cutest turtle in the universe.

agent162 Author Profile Page said:

Thank you! I love Turtle a lot, so I'm glad you liked him!

This is wonderful! Yes CKR is difficult to capture but you did a good job, especially with the shape of the eyes. And his hand is very well done, too!

I have to admit my favorite part is Dief's expression, though! I can just see that glint of expectation in his eyes! heh heh...

Very cute and nicely executed.

agent162 Author Profile Page said:

Thank you! I very much appreciate your comments, and I agree that his hand turned out well. And Dief sexpression was fun to do- I'd wanted him happy and expectant, but he insisted on wariness.

Dessert First said:

Heeeee! So cute. Here from a rec.

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