Crazy Eights by Omens

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Title: Crazy Eights
For: wihluta
Pairing/Characters: F/K/V of the BFF variety
Warnings: none needed
Vidder's/Author's/Artist's Notes:
Some weird world where they are all boys (and pup) together, or perhaps time travel, or de-aging, or.. or.. or...

Wihluta likes F/K/V and kidfic.. I am hoping this qualifies! It is black pens (fineliner, sharpie and brush pen) on bristol board, and accented with markers and touched up on the computer.

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wihluta said:

Dear mystery person,

OMG! I absolutely adore this!

You have drawn them as boys! Together! *squees*
I love how they are still completely recognisable. I can totally see Fraser in little Benton's face and Ray K's open smile is greatness. And little Vecchio and his long black hair makes me laugh. So cute!

I imagine them hanging around at the Vecchio's place, after school, playing around, with Dief constantly under everyone's feet and begging for sweets.

And last, but not least, I really love the title and the style of it. I am a fan of art nouveau things and this fits perfectly!

Thank you so, so much! This is a lovely present!

This is so cool! It looks like they might be in front of RayK's apartment building where he grew up, and if we look to one side there'll be a couple of old guys sitting on the next-door stoop talking and smoking, or down on the sidewalk little girls playing jump-rope. :)

This was fun and unexpected and nicely original. The art is great, love the colors and like wih, I love art nouveau.


Mal Author Profile Page said:

That is absolutely adorable, extremely clever, and so very original in concept and design. And wow, you did an incredible job visualizing them as kids... just perfect. I'm so very impressed!

spuffyduds said:

Oh this is so different and original and NIFTY!

Vecchio's little slightly-pudgy smile. *heartsmish*

And now I want to read the novel that this is obviously the jacket for, wherein they have a CLUBHOUSE and solve MYSTERIES.

This is amazing! I love how much Fraser does look like little!Fraser we see in that one episode, and I love Kowalski sprawling all over the place like he does, and I really dig little!Vecchio's hair. Aww.

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