Four Seasons by wihluta

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Title: Four Seasons
For: gloriana
Pairing/Characters: F/K/V
Warnings: not worksafe (one of them)
Vidder's/Author's/Artist's Notes:
I wanted to incorporate as many of your requests as I could, so I came up with this little four-picture "story". All four pictures are available to be posted to you, if you wish, and I am more than happy to make icons of them once my identity is revealed. :) Ink on paper, coloured with chalk crayons


Merry Christmas!!

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Gloriana said:

Oh mystery person, this is amazing!! (I checked in earlier today and it hadn't quite managed to load, and there you were tempting me with comments about seasons and the like!) But they are up now and I've finally managed to have a look, and I LOVE THEM!!!

I love the way you've managed to capture the essence of the three of them - instantly recognisable - in such a simple form. I love the poses you've chosen: RayV carrying Fraser is, of course, so fun (I love how you've drawn RayV's fingers, clearly clasped into Fraser's trousers, holding him safe when he's balanced so precariously); there's something a little sadder about RayK so desperately trying to make a point to Fraser, and Fraser looking away, into the city (again, loved RayK's hands, and the line of Fraser's cheek); the third, of course, where the bodies are so entwined, almost anonymously, as if they are merging themselves into each other.

But - omg I am such a mush!!! - my favourite would be the fourth, the three little old guys on the sofa, and (puppy of?) Dief beside them. It's so cosy, so familiar: a little old-gent-shabby, with the slippers, and yet so affectionate. Again, I love the postures you've chosen here, with them leaning into one another for support; I love RayK's dorky glasses, and RayV resting on Fraser's shoulder.

And of course I love the theme, and that you've gone to the effort of drawing me not one but four things so well-matched to what I was asking for. Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

OF COURSE I'D LOVE THE ORIGINALS!! (Uh oh, I'm catching Sionnain's capitals.) What a wonderful thing for you to offer :) :) :)

pixiecatfish said:

These pictures are beautiful! The fourth one is my favorite. There's just something about the three boys, still happy and snuggling together in their old age that makes me feel warm and fuzzy and happy inside.

Hee! Even when he's old RayK's still got experimental hair. :D

Hee. I liked these moments in their lives. Very well done.

spuffyduds said:

These are all great, but yeah, I have to join the chorus of extra "awwwwws" for the fourth one. (Hee, I think RayK has Billy Talent's Horrible Sweater...)

Rose Malmaison said:

I love your illustrations, the Chagall-like Fall, and the three a la couch. But who has possession of the remote? They're all great and the characters are instantly recognizable. Perfect!

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