Adventure Bound by JSCavalcante

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Title: Adventure Bound
For: norabombay
Pairing/Characters: Dief
Warnings: none
Artist's Notes:
Dief's leading the Quest. Thanks so much to akamine_chan, who suggested Dief-in-scarf, and who also provided steady support and encouragement. This is acrylic/mixed media on panel.

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omens Author Profile Page said:

Oh, DIEF!! This is seriously pretty!!

Luzula Author Profile Page said:

Oh, lovely! I definitely recognize Dief's facial expression. And I like the scarf

Sooooooooooo cute! So very Dief! I want to just take him home and feed him pizza and snuggle in his fur. :)

Gloriana said:

I love that wide blue sky - so intense, you really get the feeling of Dief in his environment. I loved the way you rendered his fur, with the light overstrokes that give the whole thing, which could have been very static, a feeling of dynamism and ease. And the colours in the snow are just the ones that Fraser would teach Ray to see :)

Also loved the scarf: hint of Dief on A Mission, and it makes him warm and cuddly in the cold landscape.

Lucifuge5 said:

Awww, Dief's scarf is utterly cute. I like how much he's tapping onto his half-wolf side without sliding into a feral state. Dunno if I'm making much sense, Anonymous Artist, but this is my rambly way of saying that Adventure Bound is fantastic!

Mal Author Profile Page said:

Oh, wow, you've captured Dief's face and his expression so wonderfully. And I love the subtle complexity in all the colors, from the snow to the trees to Dief's coat. The longer I look, the more I'm rewarded. :-)

Nora Bombay said:

This is so very awesome! I spent a week at my parents, unable to get on the archive, and I come home to this!

It's Dief! And you can see him just giving the "hurry up pack" face.

I think I like the scarf the best. It's jaunty and suits him. It also implies that there is some backstory here, that for reasons that are not important at this juncture, Dief has decided that he too should have clothing.

Also, you should give him donuts. Big donuts, the ones with sparkles.

Thank you!

Oh, this is lovely. I love how fuzzy Dief looks, and I love the scarf. \o/. Very well done, mystery artist.

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