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Title: Surprise! Bonus picture.
For: DragonflyMuse

Pairing/Characters: Vecchio
Warnings: None
Artist's Notes: Surprise! Bonus picture. *uncramps hand* Sadly, the colour on his shirt didn't scan in. Most upsetting. Click for a better image if part of it's being cropped, as it is in my preview.

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sage Author Profile Page said:

awwww, that's adorable!

catwalksalone said:

Awwww, that's so adorable. &Vecchio;

spuffyduds said:

So much cuteness! *pets him*


Awww Vecchio! Very nice!

I love his ear and his eyebrow. \o/!

Vsee said:


Oh this is so very sweet! I love the kind expression on his face (for all his grumpiness, Vecchio is just SO kind-hearted) and you did a great job with the green eyes of yumminess. Wonderful job!

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